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2017 Giving Campaign


Current Progress: $23,420 of $17,000 Goal


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Sustainability once again takes centre stage as we raise funds to invest in brand new LED lights for our theatre spaces.

The Blue Room Theatre is committed to decreasing our environmental impact and carbon output, with the goal of becoming Western Australia’s first carbon neutral theatre by 2020. Following our successful installation of solar panels in 2016, beginning to install LED lights is the next most effective way to reduce the environmental impact of our core business: making and presenting theatre. The LEDs will use less electricity than the current conventional lights, and they will generate less heat, meaning less air conditioning.

While $17,000 will allow us to begin the lighting upgrade, every dollar raised over this target will go towards increasing the scope of the upgrade, making even more of a difference to our environmental impact and the opportunities on offer for artists.

Lighting design underpins our experience of live theatre. It is vital for our designers and technicians to practise at the forefront of current technologies so they can develop skills, make great work, and build careers in the industry. An upgrade to LEDs from conventional lights will mean we will be providing facilities on a par with the industry and opening doors to sustainable careers.

Theatre reveals the poetic quality of light like few other artforms. Our lighting designers skilfully deploy both its ethereal and material qualities as they bring characters and scenes to life and highlight the intricate movement of bodies in space. Lighting can reveal the twists of shadow puppetry at play, the chaos of a confused mind, or the depths of a world you’ve never experienced.

The Blue Room Theatre champions the now, the next and the new and has been the creative hub of Western Australia’s independent theatre scene for 28 years, supporting the boldest minds and acting as a vital incubator for successful artists.

We urge you to help us continue to Green the Blue and give independent artists the best tools for the job. We appreciate any contribution you are able to make, and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Alternatively you can donate over the phone on (08) 9227 7005 or pop in to see us.

We publicly acknowledge our donors but if you would like remain anonymous just let us know when you donate.

Donors will become members of the following clubs until the end of the 2017/2018 financial year.

BABY BLUE CLUB: up to $49

Wayne Adams, Louise Ardagh, Zoe Barron, Elizabeth Brennan, Salacia Briggs, Erica Brock, Emma Craig, Amber Craike, Andrew David, Anthony Deleo, Jarryd Dobson, Joscelyn Evans, Tahni Froudist, Rhianna Hall, Gil Hardwick, Jessica Harlond-Kenny, Dale Irving, Tom Jeffcote, Terry Kain, Dianne Lesley, Monica Main, Jane Maynard, Tegan Morey, Renae Newman, Morgan Owen, Elyane Palmer, Maurene Palmer, Matt Penny, Anne Pettit, Melissa Reed, Louise Rijnhart, Jelena Rnjak, Harriet Roberts, Maureen Roberts, Jenni Rosenberg, Sue-Lyn Singh, Evelyn Snook, Fiona Speer, Marshall Stay, Ronen Steingold, John Tanner, Cyril Toman, Amelia Tuttleby, Mark Wahlsten, William Walter, Josephine Wayling, Bernie Wilborn, Sue Wilner & Anonymous x5

SKY BLUE CLUB: $50 – $99

Andrew Baker, Gita Bezard, Humphrey Bower, Karen Connolly, George Cowcher, Isabelle De Casamajor, Nerida Dickinson, Sarah Edmonds, Noreen Evans, David Hobbs, Elijah Melvin, Jeremy Mitchell, June Moorhouse, Danielle Morache, Finn O’Branagain, Emma Poletti, Susan Poletti, Gemma Sidney, Jacinta Sirr, Martin Staples, Clare Testoni, Alison van Reeken, Tiffany Venning, Anthony Watts & Anonymous x4

ELECTRIC BLUE CLUB: $100 – $249 

Aaron Beach, Nola Burns, Marcus Canning, Peter Conquest, Carolyn Cook, St John Cowcher, Chris Donnelly, Marilyn Fowler, David Geoffrey Hall, Barry Gordin, Arielle Gray, Beverly Growden, Roz Hammond, Julian Hobba, Anna Huband, Belinda Huggins, Simon James, Natalie Jenkins, Marlom Khor, Kon Kozak, Nick Maclaine, Sally Martin, Jenna Mathie, Leah Mercer, Kate Mulvany, Renee Newman, Jordan Nix, Kerry O’Sullivan, Kathryn Osborne, Sian Roberts, Yvonne Sassine, Jane Seymour, Alexa Taylor, Hellie Turner, David Walker, Leslie Walker, Julie Warn, Linda Watson, Tim Watts, David Zampatti & Anonymous x6


Ainsley Foulds, Casey Gilbert, Timothy Green, Andrew Horabin, Libby Klysz, Helen O’Sullivan

ROYAL BLUE CLUB: $500 – $999

Shane Colquhoun, Phillip Dundas, Paul Grabovac, Antigone Radunovich, Linda Savage


Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Ian & Jillian Green, Izaak Lim, Bryce Moore, Clair Shenton