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Arts for a safe climate

Environmental change impacts our collective ways of life – our capacity to grow as economies, communities and populations. Often we are confronted with what seems like an ecological calamity or a modern day doomsday report and we find it hard to know what to do, therefore it’s important to find out the facts, share our thoughts and encourage each other to learn more than just what politicians are advocating.

Art has a long history in confronting and challenging norms and trying to understand the relationship between the human and the non-human. It is powerful on so many levels. From now on we’ll regularly use and The Blue Room Theatre members’ news to let you know what we are up to in regards to our commitment to sustainability and what others in the arts are doing to become resilient in the face of challenging times.

First up, check out the website of CLIMARTE, a Melbourne based alliance of artists and organisations across art forms with a commitment to confronting climate change. Winners of the 2015 City of Melbourne Award for Contribution to Environmental Sustainability by a Community Organisation, you can see what Climarte is up to by heading here


Image of Perhaps There is Hope Yet… by Karen Lowe.