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Centre Stage with… Harriet Gillies

NAME: Harriet Gillies (my friends call me Hat 😉 slutty emoji) // ROLE: Co-creator and performer // SHOW: They’ve Already Won

What item can’t you live without in the rehearsal room?

Google. even though it’s the thing that bugs me the most in the rehearsal room it’s also the thing that gives me the most material. it’s a love-hate relationship with everything that’s existed ever so that’s to be expected I guess.

What’s the best show you’ve ever seen?

Nobody likes to be locked into a favourite of all time, but I did see Ivo van Hove’s Les Damned at Avignon Festival last year, and it was as close to being on drugs without being on drugs that I’ve ever been. It got me real high. Like super high.

What was the first ever performance you were in?

A school production of Macbeth set in the 80s where I played King Duncan / Margaret Thatcher, set to the music of the Eurythmics (would I lie to you / bubble bubble toil and trouble / would I lie to you honey / fire burn and cauldron bubble). It gave me my taste for trash.

Why do you do what you do?

Mate. Because I love it. And nothing matters, so why not do what you love? 😀

Nobody’s stopped me yet. I guess that’s the real answer.

What excites you about Perth?

All the amazing Perth creatives I’ve met over the last few years doing cool things all around the country! Perth breeds a unique, pretty f*cking quirky kind of creativity. This is my first show in Perth so I’m really excited to discover where that comes from.

Seriously though it’s all the Perth babes and all the Perth hotties. I’m just a Sydney lady in a big city full of hot people.

I’m excited by the fact that in Western Australia you get to watch the sun set over the water. To see anything like that in Sydney you have to get up at sunrise and f*ck. that. Not sunset, obviously, sunrise. Because it rises in the east. If you want to see sun and water collide, is what I’m saying. I’m not a morning person. But I am a sexy person, Perth! winky face slutty emoji.

What’s your favourite thing about summer?

How close to naked you can be in a socially acceptable manner. And dat ocean.

What show/s are you looking forward to during Summer Nights or Fringe World?

Ecosexual Bathhouse – I saw it at Next Wave and I’m excited to see them do it in their hometown cos it was f*cking awesome.

I think everything Stuart Bowden touches is golden so his shit will be off tha chain too.



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