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Centre Stage…with Shane Adamczak

Name: Shane Adamczak // Show: Trampoline   // Role: Writer + Producer + Performer

(Pictured: Jamie Breen, Publicist)

You’re back from a pretty darn successful run of shows in Canada. Why is Perth the perfect fit for Trampoline?

Perth is my home town so it’s nice to know there’s an audience out there and so many of Weeping Spoon’s current touring productions were originally developed and produced through The Blue Room, it seemed only logical to debut this new play there. It’s always been one of my favourite indy theatre venues.

You’ve got cast members flying in from all over the world, all returning home to Perth for the show. Is it a bit of a reunion?

Yeah it certainly feels that way. Ben and Amanda are two of my favourite people in the world so this seemed like the perfect excuse to get us all working together again, the timing was perfect. We’ve all been having a blast making waves overseas so it’s exciting to be coming home with a project to sink our teeth into straight away. I like to hit the ground running.

What’s the best show you’ve ever seen?

That is a tough question. Constantly touring the fringe circuit means I get to see hundreds of shows a year. One of the best shows I saw recently was called Countries Shaped Liked Stars (a beautifully simple heart-breaking two hander musical about love and loss) at the Edmonton Fringe. That show stuck with me for hours afterwards and I still keep drifting back to it all the time. It smashed my heart into a million pieces.

The worst show I’ve ever seen was The Spider-Man musical in New York. It was beyond awful and I would pay to watch it again in a second.

Canada…is it all Mounties, maple syrup and poutine?

Hahaha yeah pretty much! And bagels! I ate so much poutine and bagels, that’s one thing I miss the most. If anyone knows a good bagel place, please let me know!

Your show finds humour in some pretty serious subjects. Is that a difficult path to tread?

I always like to steer towards the darker side of humour. I guess there’s more risk involved but also more reward if you can get away with it. For me, it’s about creating characters and personas that are relatable and likable enough that the audience learns to trust them no matter where they take them out of their comfort zones. I tend to use humour to deal with problems in my real life, I guess that gets reflected through my writing too…

What’s your favourite place to get a drink?

I’m not that huge on bars, I prefer to drink at people’s houses. But there’s a theatre in Montreal called Mainline Theatre that I’d often spend the late hours drinking at (I guess it became my Blue Room substitute). In Perth I like The Scotsman, The Rosemount,  Little Creatures or anywhere that does a decent cheap G&T (again, suggestions?)

What can’t you live without in the rehearsal room?

Water. Not funny, but true. Also a pencil.

Any irrational hates or fears?

I don’t know if it’s irrational but I hate needles. That’s pretty common I know, but I have worked in a hospital for over six years…

What was the first ever performance you were in?

I think it was grade four and I was playing the lead role of “Parallel Universe Cinderella” after the original Cinders when through a magical TV set or something like that. It was a prime example of one of those awesome life-changing teachers spotting the shy ginger kid in the class and pushing him into the spotlight. That was the beginning of all this madness. Thanks Miss Wilson!


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