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6 - 24 June // 7pm

PREVIEW 6 June 2017
DURATION 60 mins
PRICE $18 - $28

Group Discount

For groups of 6+ people, pay only $23 per ticket.

Meet the Artists 

A free Q&A will be hosted after the performance on Wednesday 14 June and Saturday 24 June for ticketholders.

Sean Crofton, Jessica Russell, and Phoebe Sullivan

We were bred for earth, on earth, by earth.

Now it’s time to leave our host, and our understanding of evolution along with it. Alex, Jayne, and Lewis are the first to reckon with this new reality. Exceptional only for being exceptionally ordinary, the three strangers eagerly join a program designed to produce astronauts in less than six months. The catch? The bodies they go in with may not be the same as the ones they come out with.

In the weeks that follow, ethics and science collide in this compelling exploration of what it means to be human. In the game of genetic modification, you can eradicate disease – or divide a species. Nobody said it would be a fair fight.

A thought-provoking new work of physical theatre by an exciting team of recent Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts graduates, Blueprint invites us to imagine a world where nothing is impossible.


Co-Devisors: Jessica Russell, Phoebe Sullivan | Producer: Liz Newell | Featuring: Jessica Russell, Phoebe Sullivan, Sean Crofton | Lighting Designer and Stage Manager: Phoebe Pilcher | Sound Designer & Composer: Rebecca Riggs-Bennett | Publicist: Zoe Hollyoak


Recommended for ages 15+

Image: Marshall Stay