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Body Farm

6 - 8 Dec 2016, 7pm // 9 - 10 Dec 2016, 6pm & 8:30pm

DURATION 60 mins
PRICE $15 - $20

Curtin’s Hayman Theatre Company

By Michael Collins
Directed by Will O’Mahony
Produced as part of STAGE ONE, an initiative of the Theatre Arts course at Curtin University

“The Family of the Book” are an ambitious new-age religious sect dedicated to the living and the dead. Their first act of resistance against the world’s rampant atheism? Stealing corpses from a body farm, an open-air forensic facility where corpses are left to decay. These poor secular souls, the Family decides, will get a proper burial – whether they like it or not.

The planning is meticulous. Everyone knows their role. All they need now is composure and faith.

But on the night of the heist everything goes wrong, and whatever carefully articulated veneer of religion the family had begins to crumble. As chaos descends, in-fighting ensues, and where “The Family of the Book” should be looking to God, they look for a traitor.

Body Farm is a comedic heist that explores the gaps in all belief systems, as well as the common love that binds them.  A celebration of the living, the dead, the saved and the damned, Body Farm asks whether the world needs more faith, more science or more miracles.