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Giving Up The Ghosts

24 June - 12 July 2014 // 8:30pm

PREVIEW Tue 24 June 2014
MEMBERS NIGHT Wed 25 June 2014
PRICE $15 - $25

Owl Productions

Steve and Ruth find each other on an internet forum. A week later, after meeting each other face-to-face for the first time, they drive together to a secluded place. A place where they won’t be found, where they are safe to prepare for what is to come.

Based on real events, Giving Up the Ghosts imagines the final hours of two fatally entwined lives. A prescient and delicate examination of two lost souls who challenge and defy each other in an attempt to define what may be their final minutes.

Provocative new writing from an exciting emerging talent, this is not issue theatre, it’s not a ‘true story’ and it’s not an indictment. This meditative, sharp vignette is filled with thought, intelligence and a version of reality some would rather not see.

Director: Joe Lui // Writer: Sarah Young // Producer: Sandi Buckley // Designer: Sara Nives Chirichilli // Featuring: Georgia King, Paul Grabovac // Image: Cameron Etchells


“I applaud the work of all the artists involved: a Perth theatre highlight for me so far this year, in terms of craft, and perhaps ethics too.” Crikey

“I predict that when we look back at The Blue Room’s output for 2014, we’ll say that Giving Up the Ghosts was one of the year’s best.” Australian Stage

“[The] play, as deceptively powerful as it is deceptively simple, builds a platform for us to attempt to grasp a meaning, or at least some understanding, from suicide’s opaque horror.” The West Australian