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22 January 8pm // 23 - 25 January 9pm

DURATION 40 minutes

Laughter, tears, songs and beers.

Fred’s lost everything. He’s got no wife, no job and no money and to top it all off, the once respected radio personality now lives in an alleyway with a homeless blackfella called Tank. With nothing much to do and plenty more to say, Fred and Tank share a camaraderie that is strengthened by a mutual love of music and witty banter.

Old Fred reckons the world’s gone to sh*t at the hands of the young and seems content in his self-imposed exile until an unexpected visit from his estranged son Terry shakes the foundations of his new reality. Hobo is raw, crude and packed with humour and takes a good look at what it means to be a man in an age of identity crisis


World Premiere

22 January 8pm // 23 – 25 January 9pm

The Blue Room Studio

Origin: Western Australia

Company: Jeffcattprodco.

For audiences 15+


Writer & Director: James Taylor // Producer: Elinor King // Actors: James Hagan, Maitland Schnaars, Chris Bell // Stage Manager: Daley King // Sound Designer: Kirill Podzorov // Poster Design: Hope Baylis // Photographer: Rob Fischer

Image: Rob Fischer