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Inside We Hide

9 - 13 February 6.30pm

DURATION 60 minutes
PRICE $15 - $20

Thriller. Blame. Game. Trapped.

“We all feel the urge to condemn ourselves out of guilt, to blame others for our misfortunes and to fantasize about total disaster.” Deepak Chopra

Do you like to play the blame game?

Mary, Louise and Andy love to play the blame game. The rule has always been to make someone else accountable for anything and everything that goes wrong.

See, they’ve been playing the game for too long now. It’s as rehearsed as a bedtime routine – brush teeth, kiss good night, tuck in and dream sweet. So what happens when you don’t wake up so sated and you’re playing a whole new game?

Three people. Trapped in a room. Puppets waiting to escape, tortured by a haunting soundtrack stuck on repeat. Mary, Louise and Andy have to decide how much of themselves they are willing to face and how much they are prepared to sacrifice for their second chance at life.

Inside We Hide is a thriller about escape and all those dirty little denials that we hide inside ourselves. When the blame can no longer be shifted, these people are forced to face their worst enemy, their hardest critic and their deepest problem – themselves.

Would you survive?


World Premiere

9 – 13 February 6.30pm

The Blue Room Theatre

Origin: Western Australia

Company: The Cutting Room Floor

For audiences 15+


Writer: Ann-Marie Biagioni // Director: Scott Corbett // Stage Manager: Gemma Hall // Assistant Director: Sam Stopforth // Designers: Sam Knox & Penny Walker-Keefe // AV Design: Gemma Hall // Featuring: Brenn Hislop, Alicia Osyka, Verity Softly.


Image: Chris Bain and Timothy Green