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Letters Home

16 Sept - 4 Oct 2014 // 8.30pm

PREVIEW Tues 16 September 2014
MEMBERS NIGHT Wed 17 September 2014
DURATION 80 mins
PRICE $15 - $25

Renegade Productions

“I come from Singapore, a country synonymous with rules, regulations and penalties. Becoming an artist in Australia meant I reneged on military service, compulsory for all young Singaporean men. Not returning home made me a criminal in the eyes of the state and my parents. Now, I can never go home.”

Joe Lui presents a deeply personal and honest story about confronting his past to forge his future, in which he takes centre stage for the first time in his career. Mentored by Humphrey Bower, he mines the unsent letters he wrote to his parents and incorporates live music and clips from his time as a child actor. This is Joe’s life laid bare; the good, the not so good and the downright perverse.


Writer & Sound Designer: Joe Lui // Direction Mentor: Humphrey Bower // Producer: Lisa McCready // Featuring: Joe Lui // Lighting Designer: Chris Donnelly //Video Designer: Mia Holton // Set & Costume Designer: Cherish Marrington // Stage Manager: Meabh Walton // Marketing + Publicity: Thom Smyth