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27 - 30 January 8pm

PREVIEW 27 January
DURATION 50 minutes
PRICE $20 - $25

Psychedelic pussy passion, man!

If American artist Andy Warhol and English anthropomorphic cat artist Louis Wain had a baby, their progeny would be the inimitable Ludi Clawhol. Written and directed by the award-winning Hellie Turner, MEOW! is a mad-cap imagining devoted to Ludi’s way-out ways of being.

It’s the 1960s, and this beat generation ‘pop-cat artist’ is more than a little peculiar. When reporter Thom Barker arrives to interview Ludi, the scene is set for a wicked exchange involving tequila, walnuts, beat-poetry and bongo drums. Add in a hint of jazz, a litter of cats, a little interpretive dance, a rather risqué song, a dead muse and a pair of uptight, outta-sight sisters, and there’s just too much fun going on.

The once feted artist’s fame is fizzling, along with his state of mind. As his mood zig-zags from lucidity to lunacy, the afternoon’s antics ricochet eccentrically between the sublime and the ridiculous.

Featuring talented actors Kingsley Judd, Janet Pettigrew, Cathy Lally and Gaynor O’Hare in a multitude of roles, MEOW! is groovy fun with whiskers and a tail.


27 – 30 January 8pm

The Blue Room Theatre

Origin: Western Australia

Company: jedda productions

For audiences 15+


Image: Desmond Tan and Peter Stone