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No Show

31 January - 4 February // 9:30pm

PREVIEW 31 January
DURATION 50 minutes
PRICE $19 - $26

Absurdist character-based dark comedy

Two veteran festival performers have come to a crossroads. It’s opening night of their brand new show and no one has purchased a ticket. With an empty room and 55 minutes to fill, the duo analyse their professional past and contemplate the future of their act.

A cult hit at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Nö Shöw is an absurdistcollaboration starring Golden Gibbo nominees Xavier Michelides (Bad Accents and Inconsistent Mimes) and Ben Russell (The Tokyo Hotel).

“If you have any interest in the art form and want to see two of our most brilliant comedy talents give it their all, it’s well worth braving.” **** Herald Sun

West Australian Premiere

31 January – 4 February
The Blue Room Theatre

Origin: Victoria
Company: Husband’s Dinner Club
For Audiences 18+

Creators: Ben Russell, Maggie Looke, Xavier Michelides // Performers: Ben Russell & Xavier Michelides // Producer: Maggie Looke