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Perhaps There Is Hope Yet…

2 - 6 February 9pm

PREVIEW 2 February
DURATION 60 minutes
PRICE $20 - $30

Captivating eco-apocalyptic circus.

Award-winning circus artist Rockie Stone (Fright or Flight – Best Circus Perth 2015 and Adelaide 2013) returns to FRINGE WORLD with her unique style of contemporary circus. This time teaming up with award-winning acrobat Vincent van Berkel (Casus, Circus Oz) and kinetic sculptural artist Callan Morgan to weave together a humorous, delicate yet gritty exploration of the most pressing concern of our time.

A changing world, becoming dirtier, more cramped, and warmer. Most of us don’t care. Why should we? Framed as a dreaming on climate change and the destabilization of our planet’s environment, Perhaps There Is Hope Yet… invites the viewer to see the humanity within the masses, the beauty in the ugliness and the truth underneath the lies. Drawing inspiration from chaos theory, biomimicry and current social commentary and complimented with an arresting soundtrack (Laurie Anderson, Olivier Messiaen,  and Arca), Company Here And Now add their voice to the politico-scientific debate on the global climate challenge.

Armed with extraordinary skill, striking imagery, an obstinate and creativity-fuelled optimism, Perhaps There Is Hope Yet… dares you to believe that we can overrule inertia and ‘save the planet’, one exquisite design idea at a time. Winner of Original New Circus at Melbourne Fringe 2015.


West Australian Premiere

2 – 6 February 9pm

The Blue Room Studio

Origin: Victoria

Company: Company Here and Now


Performer, Co-creator, Creative Producer: Rockie Stone  // Performer, Co-creator, Builder/Designer: Vincent van Berkel  // Kinetic Sculptor: Callan Morgan // Lighting Design: Lighting Design  // Creative Consultants: Simon Yates, Jo Lancaster  



Image: Theresa Harrison