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Sea Inside

11 - 29 June 2013 // 8:30PM

PREVIEW Tues 11 June 2013
MEMBERS NIGHT Wed 12 June 2013
DURATION 60 mins
PRICE $15 - $25

Russya Connor

Open your mind. This immersive theatrical experience will transport you into a world of sea and sky.

A sensual, highly visual performance combining aerial work, sound, spectacular imagery, and physical movement, Sea Inside invites you on a contemplative journey through a mysterious underwater landscape.

Transforming the theatre space, Sea Inside is a reminder of the beauty that can be experienced through the most primal and basic relationship of all: between us and the natural world around us.

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart

And perhaps live along some distant day into the answers…(R.M.Rilke)

Director + Producer + AV Design + Featuring: Russya Connor // Lighting design: Tegan Evans // Costume design: Totomoto Australia // Score: Ali Schmidl // Text: R. M. Rilke + Russya Connor // Stage Manager: Harriet Morley // Films: Erez Beatus, Alan Bird + Stefan Otto