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The Boat Goes Over The Mountain

The Boat Goes Over The Mountain by India Mehta

10 - 28 Sept 2013 // 8:30pm

PREVIEW Tues 10 Sept 2013
MEMBERS NIGHT Wed 11 Sept 2013
DURATION 60 mins
PRICE $15 - $25

Happy Dagger Theatre

“Ceremony 1.  Oh my god.  OH MY GOD. This is horrific.”

If you could take a medicine that would cure you, but ripped your insides out and made you look at all the dark spaces…would you drink it?

From the same jungles of Peru where Werner Herzog battled to haul a 320-ton boat up a 40 degree slope for his film Fitzcarraldo, a man recounts a series of nine gruelling ayahuasca ceremonies; two men in different times, each struggling with his own ‘heart of darkness.’

The shaman is here, it’s time for ceremony.  Keep your intention clean and clear. Always know where your bucket is, and please keep your hands inside the carriage…the boat goes over the mountain.

It is a great metaphor – for what, I don’t know to this day, but I know it’s a great metaphor.”  Werner Herzog

Writer + Performer: Andrew Hale // Producer: Renee Hale // Designer: India Mehta // Music: Dave Richardson