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The Defence

17 - 21 February 2015 // 8.00pm

PREVIEW 17 February 2015
DURATION 60 minutes
PRICE $20 - $25

Gender-fcuked meta-satire

Playwright August Strindberg was many things. The Father of Naturalism, a lyrical genius, misogynistic, batshit cray… but a woman??? He paradoxically fell in love with women of ambition and independence, keeping his feminine side under lock and key. Until now…

The Defence was first presented in 2013 at Sydney’s crucible of experimental performance, PACT centre for emerging artists, before follow-up seasons with Wollongong’s Merrigong Theatre Company and Melbourne’s MKA: Theatre of New Writing to critical acclaim and a growing number of Strindberg groupies.

It begins with a gender-fcuked re-imagining of Strindberg’s ‘The Defence of a Fool’ before dissolving into the rehearsal room of a modern theatre production where the gender dynamics are no less charged. Written by emerging, Sydney-based director Chris Dunstan, The Defence is an ambitious play-within-a-play with a thrust and parry to some of the personalities behind-the-scenes of contemporary Australian performance. Having said that, Strindberg’s appeal was never just contained to the theatre…

Funny and satirical on the one hand, sinister and shocking on the other, experience Strindberg in all his glory and witness a theatrical legacy as potent today as it was over 100 years ago.


“An acerbic satire that leaves nothing but bone… viciously funny” –

“One of the most revealing and intense and perfect portraits of misogyny. EVER” – Augusta Supple


West Australian Premiere

17 – 21 January // 8pm // The Blue Room Theatre

Origin: New South Wales // Company: Baste the Bagel

Co-written by Chris Dunstan, Catherine McNamara & Matthew Abotomey // Directed by Chris Dunstan // Featuring: Brett Johnson, Catherine McNamara, Matthew Abotomey & Doublas Niebling

For audiences 18+


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Image courtesy of Merrigong Theatre Company

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