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The Mercy Seat

3-7 February // 9pm

PREVIEW 3 February 2015 // 9pm
DURATION 90 mins
PRICE $20 - $25

Provocative, confronting, futuristic dystopia

On the morning of November 11, Remembrance Day 2020, Perth’s CBD is rocked by several explosions, collapsing major buildings and devastating the city. The streets are in turmoil, the number of missing and confirmed dead are mounting, sending the people of Perth into a state of shock and confusion. A wife searches for the father of her children, a man who was meant to be in one of those buildings. Instead, he is at the nearby apartment of his lover and boss.

An indecent proposal is made and the couple must wade through the quagmire of their relationship, questioning what it means to be human. They plunge into raw, often ugly, metaphoric mudslinging, revealing their more undesirable traits and the murky truth of their relationship. As they plummet into the depths of each other’s psyche we witness the potential of unfettered selfishness as a plague on mankind, tugging the threads that fray the fabric of society. In dire times, the need for unity should ring loudest, but in this no-holds-barred voyage we see the deeper recesses of mortal failings relegate these tones to a dull thud, somewhere in the distant background.


3-7 February // 9pm // The Blue Room Theatre

Origin: Western Australia // Company: Big Budgie Productions

Writer: Neil LaBute // Director: Hermione Gehle // Featuring: Russya Connor and Christopher Sansoni

For audiences 18+


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Image: Scott Vincent