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Werewolf Priest! The Lamentable Ballad of Father Hank Grimby

20 May - 7 June 2014 // 7pm

PREVIEW Tue 20 May 2014
MEMBERS NIGHT Wed 21 May 2014
PRICE $15 - $25

Novel Ideas

An original stage musical that spins the yarn of Huntersville, a small hamlet rotting from the inside out where a foul beast lurks in the woods, attacking villagers and travellers at each full moon.

Its only shining light is Father Hank Grimby, a pious young man torn between his vows to God and his love for Brooke Gainsborough, the Mayor’s daughter. But Brooke is to be married to George Waggner, a somewhat renowned explorer of the world… and as the town priest, it falls on Hank to perform the ceremony. Unfortunately for our ecclesiastical hero, he has fallen victim to the evil that stalks Huntersville, and will become a havoc-wreaking creature of the night at the next full moon.

Combining special effects make-up with a wilfully wry story, sweeping songs and compelling characters, Werewolf Priest! is an extreme musical experience of cinematic proportions.

Writer, Director & Producer: Levon J Polinelli // Composer: Ash Gibson Greig // Designer: Reece J Scott // Production Manager & Stage Manager: Keaton Howe // Lighting Designer: Elliot Chambers // Featuring: Magnus Danger Magnus, Siobhan Dow-Hall, Sven Ironside, Stephen Lee, Adrian Lowe, Daniel Buckle // Publicity: Kimberley Fulton // Image: Gillian Berry