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West of the Moon

31 January - 4 February // 6:30pm

AUSLAN 4 February
DURATION 60 minutes
PRICE $21 - $26

$79 Family

Fairy tale with shadow puppets

A bedtime story comes to life before your eyes…

As a mother tells her daughter of a polar bear king who waits for his champion, and a woodcutter’s daughter with a destiny to fulfil.

Like stepping into a storybook, this modern adaptation of a traditional Scandinavian folk tale uses shadow puppetry and live actors to tell a tale of a girl who becomes a warrior, finds a home, and saves a kingdom.

This show delves into the visual world of fairy tales and the lessons they teach us with rich colours, original music, and spectacular detailed puppets.

It’s a story filled with sword fights, wizards, trolls, curses, and a magical kingdom West of The Moon… which may look a little familiar to the audience.

A story about journeys, friendship, and doing what’s right. Suitable for ages 8 to infinity, think Frozen meets The Princess Bride.

World Premiere

31 January – 4 February
The Blue Room Theatre

Auslan Performance: 4 February

Origin: Western Australia
Company: Clare Testoni
For Audiences 8+

Writer & Director: Clare Testoni // Producer: Natalie Di Risio // Publicist: Samantha Leung // Sound: Elise Reitze // Performers: Clare Testoni, Claire Thomas, Rachael Woodward, Sean Guastavino

Image: Tanya Voltchanskaya