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Everybody Loves a Panda


As our monthly update on what’s what and who’s who on climate change and how art can respond, check out this article by Huffington Post on ‘18 Green Artists Who are Making Climate Change and Conservation A Priority.  It includes images of Olafur Eliasson’s Your waste of time, an exhibition of ice that had broken off Iceland’s largest glacier in a refrigerated gallery powered by solar energy. While Harvest Dome 2.0, made from 450 umbrellas and 128 bottles taken from garbage thrown in Inwood Hill Park in New York City, by architects Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi asks what can you do with waste? Finally, in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund, French sculptor Paulo Grangeon made a piece called Pandas on Tour consisting of 1,600 papier-mâché pandas that represented the estimated number of pandas left in the world today. Since 2008 the piece has toured to over 20 countries. Who doesn’t love a panda?


Image by Dock Drumming, from Flickr.