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Fill in the blanks with… Mallika Macleod


Our fourth performer to take on Nassim Soleimanpour’s BLANK is Mallika Macleod, The Arts Manager at DADAA, the national Chair of Arts Access Australia, and an inter-country adoptee! Having acquired a disability in childhood, Mallika’s lived experience of disability is something that guides her advocacy roles and informs her creative side.


Part of The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights program at FRINGE WORLD 2017, BLANK will see Mallika handed a script riddled with blanks for the first time as she walks on stage. The play becomes a story machine, sharing the life of the playwright, the performer and a randomly selected audience member.


Hi, my name is Mallika Macleod and I am performing in a production called BLANK by Nassim Soleimanpour.

You can catch me at Studio Underground on Wednesday 25 January at 6pm.


I am drawn to watching performances or works of art that make me laugh, that I can attend with my friends and family, that are big loud late night live music gigs through to small audience intimate one person shows.  I love contemporary dance and comedy.


My biggest fear about performing in BLANK is having something in my teeth and nobody telling me… y’know, like a poppy seed muffin or perhaps an entire row of asparagus. I have followed instructions and I basically know nothing about what is coming for me in this production.


but I’m very excited for the interactions with the audience  and seeing what the playwright has in the script… there is a script right!!??  Le Gasp!


The closest thing I have ever done to BLANK is delivering any one of my public speeches having unfortunately left my notes or a key bit of information at home or on my desk and then having to just wing it… scary but fun.  Always pays to know your material intimately, so in the case of BLANK, I know nothing and winging it will be a rollercoaster of nerves and fun that I am dead keen for. 

You can purchase tickets to see Ron’s performance HERE.