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Fill in the blanks with… Ron Bradfield


Our third performer to take on Nassim Soleimanpour’s BLANK is Ron Bradfield Jnr, a Bardi man who grew up on Yamatji lands in and around Geraldton and now calls Whadjuk Boodja (country) home. Ron is the General Manager of Urban Indigenous where he and many other Aboriginal people share their collection of stories, learnings and knowledge.

Part of The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights program at FRINGE WORLD 2017, BLANK will see Ron handed a script riddled with blanks for the first time as she walks on stage. The play becomes a story machine, sharing the life of the playwright, the performer and a randomly selected audience member.

Hi, my name is Ron Bradfield Jnr and I am performing in a production called BLANK by Nassim Soleimanpour. You can catch me at Studio Underground on Tuesday 24 January at 6pm.

I am drawn to watching performances or works of art that remind us of who we are as human beings: our contradictions, our frailties, our weaknesses, our strengths, our NOISE, our way of connecting to a place or denying it! Basically – I want to dive into ‘everything’ that makes us WHO we are and both laugh and cry at it – all at the same time!

My biggest fear about performing in BLANK is that I don’t do ‘right’ by my people and this country’s Aboriginal and Islander peoples in general! It’s incredibly difficult to try and share who I am, just so that I can better start a yarn with my fellow Australians about who they are – in a country that undoes its First Peoples – on a daily basis!

But I’m very excited for the opportunity to take part in what Nassim Soleimanpour has put before me and see if what it does is help me do what I enjoy best: explore who we are as a peoples – who just happen to call this big bit of dirt – home!

The closest thing I have ever done to BLANK is to have been ‘dropped’ into several remote and regional Aboriginal communities, with half a brief, no context and someone else’s sense of an aim-to-achieve; only to find out that it’s the people on the ground themselves, who fill in all the BLANKs for you!

You can purchase tickets to see Ron’s performance HERE.

Image by GOFF.