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In The Beginning…

If you’re a bit confused about the whole carbon issue, or need a quick refresher, have a look at this information. You’ll know that there’s a global movement to reduce carbon emissions by means of various strategies, including legislation, sticks and carrots, education and so on.

Many of us – me included – think change is not happening fast enough. If you think that, you have to start looking at what you can do to hurry things along. I’d been a member of a local government sustainability committee for years – I left when I thought that sustainability had been mainstreamed and there was no longer the need for a pressure group – and I am lucky enough to have photovoltaic cells on my roof at home.  I recycle, avoid plastic bags, try to consume services rather than stuff, blah blah – but the truth is, individual enlightened action is not enough.  That’s a quote from someone but I can’t remember who…the point is though, carbon reduction strategies have to become systematised somehow.

So, when a board member – I’m looking at you, Zoe Pepper – raised the issue of the Blue Room selling bottled water (food miles! packaging!), I thought I would probably find support for a carbon reduction project in my workplace.  I did some research and found some other arts organisations that had sustainability policies or projects.

The biggie is Sydney Theatre Company who in their Greening the Wharf project are doing amazing things – PV Cells, rainwater harvesting and storage, set storage and recycling and much more.  Many of these things seemed way beyond the reach of The Blue Room Theatre – we don’t have the space, resources or philanthropic sponsorship to do capital works – but it was an inspiring example of commitment to a vision.

Our staff and board members thought so too and we adopted our environmental policy in July 2012. It’s all starting to happen, and we are pretty excited!

Next up – top tips from staff members on how they reduce their environmental impact.

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