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1. Can I apply to LOFT to support my Blue Room Theatre Development Season show?
No. LOFT exists to support works being developed and presented in venues excluding The Blue Room Theatre. If your project is developed through LOFT, this will preclude your show from being eligible for a Blue Room Theatre season. This does not exclude a Summer Nights show that is site-specific or presented in an external venue.


2. I do not identify as an artist with disability, however I work with an artist or collective/group who identify as artists with disability. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes. We will accept applications from an artist or producer who works with artists with disability.


3. Do I need to be a West Australian resident to apply for LOFT?
Yes. LOFT is a fund that exists primarily to support West Australian independent theatre companies and artists. A minimum of 50% of your creative team should be West Australian residents.

If you are an interstate-based organisation*, you can apply for LOFT on behalf of a WA independent artist or group.

*Organisations: Organisations must either be registered under law (e.g. incorporated association, company limited by guarantee).


4. Can I receive the money through my individual ABN or do I need an incorporated body to administer the grant?
Yes, you can receive funds through your ABN. You will however, be responsible for the legal payment of superannuation, maintaining insurances and PAYG tax responsibilities as per legislation. The grant may be auspiced by a relevant incorporated organisation or association. Your auspice organisation may request an administration fee from the LOFT program – this must be included in your budget.  You will need to include a signed letter from your auspice organisation as additional material in your application outlining their financial obligations to the project.


5. Does my project need to be presented or developed in WA?
No. Projects are not required to be presented or developed in WA, however using West Australian based theatre workers is desirable.


6. Am I required to pay creative teams equity rates and superannuation?
The Blue Room Theatre encourages all creatives involved in a funded project to be paid equity or comparable rates of pay or to employ a standard equity approved co-op agreement and template of which can be viewed here.  In addition, The Blue Room Theatre subscribes to a best practice model where everyone is paid superannuation regardless of the government-prescribed monthly threshold ($450 per month).  Superannuation should be paid to your creative team at a rate of 9.5% or 10% for all cast members.


7. Can The Blue Room Theatre auspice my project?
No, The Blue Room Theatre is unable to auspice LOFT projects.


8. Can I bring in theatre workers from outside of the State?
Using Western Australian based theatre workers is desirable. LOFT aims to provide development opportunities for West Australian theatre workers and priority will be given to projects that demonstrate that commitment. A clear rationale should be provided if theatre workers from outside Western Australia are required.


9. Do I need to have a confirmed creative team before the application deadline?
Yes, you will need to have a full professional creative team confirmed before applying to LOFT.


10. Do I need to include venue confirmations in my support material?
Yes, a venue confirmation is desirable and will strengthen the viability of your application. Where possible, co-presentation and in-kind support provided by the venue should be evidenced in the venue confirmations.


11. If I apply to LOFT am I eligible to apply for DCA project funds?
Yes, you will be eligible to apply to DCA for additional funding for your LOFT project.


12. Will site-specific works be considered for development?
Yes. As long as your project fits all eligibility requirements, it may be indoors, outdoors, or even a little bit of both at a traditional theatre venue or anywhere else.


13. Will LOFT fund 100% of my project?
No, LOFT will not fund 100% of your project. Consider local, state and national funding bodies, private sector, in-kind donations and partner support as possible sources of funds.


14. Can creative developments included in a PICA season apply for LOFT?
Yes, works chosen to be developed in PICA Performance Space are eligible.


15. Can LOFT pay for a mentor as part of my project?
Absolutely. While LOFT will not support training or educational pursuits, it fully supports career development and capacity building through initiatives like mentoring.


16. If unsuccessful, can I apply again with the same project?
Yes. Be sure you take on board the feedback received from your unsuccessful application.




If you have any questions not answered above or would like to talk to someone about LOFT contact:
Jenna Mathie – Producer
Tel: (08) 9227 7005


Image of James Taylor by Daniel James Grant. Background image by Jarrad Seng.