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The below projects have received LOFT funding and support across three rounds.


First Round

Those who fall in love like anchors dropped upon the ocean floor – Renee Newman & Jo Morris
Those who fall in love like anchors dropped upon the ocean floor has just returned from a three week season in Sydney at Griffin Theatre (Independent Season), performing sold out shows and receiving wonderful audience feedback. They engaged with new audiences in a national context, and in doing so challenged themselves to reach new heights of artistic excellence.

“In this seamless transferral of time, love finds parallels in its imperfection. Unrequited love at first seems as heartbreaking as we believe it is, until it doesn’t, and the ability to love at all becomes sacred.” Fbi Radio

Gareth of the Antarctic – Sam Longley
Gareth Of The Antarctic is a new Australian puppet theatre work that was written and directed by Sam Longley and developed in collaboration with Clare Testoni and Nick Pages-Oliver. A frozen world, a small boy, a smaller penguin and a big adventure. After a four week rehearsal period, the work was performed in June 2016 for a small audience of friends and peers and was very well received. Gareth Of The Antarctic is still in development and is working towards a full season in 2017.

The Elders – The Kabuki Drop
The Elders Project is an interactive storytelling work designed to tap into the wisdom and humour of a diverse range of West Australian Senior Citizens. The project had a creative development in 2016 supported by LOFT, The Department of Culture and the Arts, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and Fremantle Arts Centre. The piece is being directed by Melissa Cantwell who is assisted by Andrea Gibbs, and is set to premiere in 2017. The team is also in talks with various regional venues for residency and presentation opportunities.


Second Round

Wild Wild Love – Side Pony Productions
Deep in the wilderness, Catherine and Wilson’s honeymoon hunting trip descends into a brutal tussle for power, love and identity as they hunt for a truly wicked beast.

Side Pony Productions has joined forces with The Last Great Hunt and Sydney’s Erth Visual & Physical to create a bold new work chock full of bad wigs and terrifying beasts. The team will undertake a creative development in late 2016 and premiere the show in May 2017.

Project Xan – jedda Productions
With Xan Fraser’s story at its heart, Project Xan is a riveting documentary theatre work which interrogates the perilous injustices behind rape culture and victim blaming. In consort with Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), the creative team from jedda Productions will be rehearsing the show in early October 2016, in preparation for the work to be presented at PICA in November 2016. Here the artistic ambitions of five years of intensive research, development and creative imagining will at last synthesise before an audience.


Third Round

Ecosexual Bathhouse (Pony Express)

Presentation of an Existing Work ($14,504) – From 24 – 28 Jan 2017 Pony Express will rehearse and remount Ecosexual Bathhouse for their WA premiere at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Ecosexual Bathhouse is an immersive experience inviting you to leave the urban wasteland behind and open yourself up to an intimate encounter with the biosphere. Experiment with pollination, unwind in the sauna or be guided by a bathhouse regular toward your own organic awakening.  Ecosexual Bathhouse explores a radical environmentalism where the political becomes very personal.

Overnight (The Skeletal System)

Creative Development ($17,107) – Funding for the first draft and a nine day creative development of Overnight, a new work written by Will O’Mahony with the assistance of Adriane Daff, Eden Falk and James Berlyn. The development will be hosted by the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia and will culminate in an industry showing. Turning the ‘boy meets girl’ formula on its head, Overnight is an unlikely love story set against a world that is conditioned to hate. Exploring privilege, power and rehabilitation, Overnight will attempt to shine a light on what it means to be a pariah in our click-bait times. Inspired by Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed and Dr Mary Aitken’s The Cyber Effect, Overnight asks what penance might look like in our new online courts.

Rhubarb (Clare Testoni)

Creative Development ($20,194) – A creative development to adapt Craig Silvey’s critically acclaimed novel Rhubarb for the stage, written by Clare Testoni and directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler. The development will result in a script which will undergo a workshop process, culminating in a showing for potential presentation partners. The goal of the development is to create a piece of theatre accessible to both sighted and visually impaired audiences with support from The City of Fremantle and in consultation with Visibility W.A.

The Renegade Church (Renegade Productions)

Creative Development ($12,000) – The Renegade Church is an audience participatory performance work that reimagines the elements of a traditional religious service to ‘preach secular sermons’. These interactive sermons will ask the audience to reject nihilism and tribal world views, and ultimately promote social consciousness and the thoughtful critique and interaction within society. With the support of LOFT, Joe Lui will undertake a writing and concept development with mentorship from pvi’s Steve Bull.






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The Blue Room Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of The Department of Culture and the Arts



Gareth of the Antarctic image courtesy of the artist.