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PIAF MASTERCLASS: Theatre As A Remake Of The Past With Lola Arias & Lucila Piffer

Theatre as a Remake of the Past with Lola Arias and Lucila Piffer (The Year I Was Born)

Can art be a way to revive the past? How do reality and fiction overlap? What can we understand under the expression documentary art? What kind of writing processes enable these type of projects? In which ways is a play a living and autonomous organism?

Through videos and materials of her works, the Argentinian director Lola Arias offers a video-conference talk about her experience in the field of documentary art and interdisciplinary projects using theatre, film and visual arts in the last decade.

Arias will approach different aspects of the genesis and development of her works, where she problematises the relationship between aesthetics and politics, reality and fiction, art work and social experiment.

Hosted by The Blue Room Theatre.

When: 6.30pm – 8.00pm, Monday 13 February
Where: King Street Arts Centre
Cost: Free. Limited to 20 people.
For: Emerging and established professional theatre makers and performers

Head to the PIAF website for more information and to register. Deadline for registration is Friday 10 February 2017.


Lola Arias (Buenos Aires, 1976) is a writer, director, performer and songwriter. She collaborates with artists from different disciplines in theatre, literature, music and art projects. Her productions play with the overlap zones between reality and fiction. She works with actors, non-actors, musicians, dancers, children, babies, and animals.

Her texts have been translated into more than seven languages, Lola Arias’ works for theatre have been performed at festivals including Steirischer Herbst, Graz; Festival d’Avignon; Theater Spektakel, Zurich; We are here, Dublin; Spielart Festival, Munich; Alkantara Festival, Lisbon; Radicals Festival, Barcelona; Wiener Festwochen, Vienna; International Summer Festival, Hamburg.


Lucila Piffer (born 1988 in Buenos Aires) is a theatre director and a performing arts producer. She works along with creators of different backgrounds, such as theatre, dance, performance, literature and music. She has a special interest in the merging of artistic and academic disciplines, and creative uses of lo-fi technology.

Since 2007 she has collaborated with both local and international artists; among them, Guillermo Heras (ES), Constanza Macras (DE), Silvina Grinberg (AR), Guillermina Etkin (AR), Luis Cano (AR) and Agustina Gatto (AR). Between 2008 and 2011 she directed CARSON, a company of young actors, musicians, designers and visual artists under 30. She also worked in public and alternative theatres as artistic adviser for several projects. She currently collaborates with the writer and theatre director Lola Arias, the performer, choreographer and dancer Laura Kalauz and the dramaurg and performer Sofía Medici. She studies Philosophy at the Buenos Aires University. In 2016, she is an awardee of the Theaterformen Festival Grant, reporting for Textures from the festival and the research atelier “Our Common Futures”.


Image by David Alarc