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Reducing Printing Costs

Do you print your ticket confirmation when you book to see a show at The Blue Room Theatre? Did you know you don’t have to?

Our front-of-house staff will check you off their list and give you a slap band to wear until you go in to the show.

The paperless office is probably still in the future, but we have come a long way in reducing our paper usage. Apart from simply not printing some documents, printing on both sides of the sheet is now standard.  We also redesigned our banking forms and, in doing so, not only halved our paper usage, but also massively reduced the weight of the lever arch file that the banking sheets get stored in!

Using less paper saves carbon right through the cycle, from raw materials, to manufacturing, transport, and disposal.  Of course we recycle paper, but it’s better to use less in the first place.

Of course, it also saves money. And while we’re on the subject of saving money, you will know if you’ve bought a toner cartridge lately that ink is also a significant cost.  Recently at The Blue Room Theatre, a staff member (who shall remain nameless) had a quick email rant at made a polite suggestion to a supplier who emailed their invoice with a vast black header.  The supplier didn’t reply – but the next month, the invoice arrived with a completely new design that was very light on toner!

You can use these economies at home or in your office.  If you updated your PDF reader you may have noticed that it has an economy mode for printing, and you can often also choose a draft printing mode for other documents.

For more ways to save money, check out this book (we’ve given you the link before, but here it is again): Energy Cut.  The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in Your Business. It’s mainly for businesses, but there are interesting case studies and tips that are applicable to homeowners too.