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2015 solar panel campaign

Current Progress: $22,700 of $21,000 Goal


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“Some of the best experiences I’ve ever had in theatre have been at The Blue Room” – Tim Minchin

We’ve been around for 25 years, and want to be around for many, many more.

We aimed to raise $21,000 by 30 June 2015 to pay for the purchase and installation of solar panels at our venue – and we made it!

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our generous members, artists, arts workers, audience members and arts lovers, we exceeded our target.

The solar panels will save us over $7,000 a year in electricity – probably even more given the rising cost of electricity. As well as being great for the environment, it also makes economic sense for us to make the switch – particularly in light of the recent budget cuts (read more here). We have Australia Council funding until the end of 2016 at this stage, but of course it’s important for us to look at cost-cutting measures.

Since commissioning an environmental audit from Simply Carbon in 2012, we have been implementing a number of energy efficiency measures. We are committed to decreasing our environmental impact and carbon output, with the goal of becoming the first completely carbon neutral theatre in WA. You can find out more about what we’ve been doing and view our Environment Policy here.

The Blue Room Theatre has been a vital incubator for artists including Tim Minchin, Claire Hooper, Tim Watts and Joe Lui. Your support means we can continue to be here for artists, audiences, the community, and arts lovers like you.

Look out for updates on our progress with the solar panels!


Donate Now

If you would still like to donate to The Blue Room Theatre, you can donate online here or, if you prefer, give us a call on (08) 9227 7005.


Thank you

For everyone’s amazing contributions to our purchase of these solar panels, we think they deserve a five-star review!


“Curious and stirring” – up to $50

Megan Roberts, Adam Withers, Shirley Van Sanden, Philippa Maughan, Ella Konrad-East, Joelle Stanton, Zoe Pepper, Aimee Smith, Jessica Anderson, Sian Roberts, Rebecca Bradley, Jarrad Seng, Neil Barnard, Rhian Todhunter, Irene Alonso, Gita Bezard, Ciara Clarke, Sarah Weber, Leonie Walker, Sandra Lawrence, Daniel Buckle, Louise Wardle, Erin O’Hara, Kingsley Judd, Julie Ellery, Joe Lui Shang Yu, Patrick Howe, Sally Mason, Sarah Nelson, Rachel Bott, Clare Waldron, Alexa Taylor, Paul White, Sophia Hall, Alexander Hawkins, Andrea Fernandez, Rachael Woodward, Jeremy Mitchell, Jessica Harlond-Kenny, Caris Harper, Jennifer Friend, Lucy Clements, Shane Adamczak, Hannah Rice, Lucy Clements, Fleur Hardy, Daley King, Dan Jones, Kaitlyn Maughan, Anna Kosky, Scott Corbett, Sal Briggs-Goodridge, Ben Mortley, Elizabeth Brennan, Helen Jekabsons, Brett Smith, Tyler Hewson, Ella Hewson

“Lasting impression” – $50 – $100

Finn O’Branagain, David Geoffrey Hall, Gemma Sidney, Susannah Day, Margaret Crameri, Chris Dunstan, Sarah Vagliviello, Anthony Watts, Tom Hogan, Alison Dalziel, Karen Connolly, William Walter, Lisa McCready, Gemma Robins, Liz Newell, Monica Main, Tracy McLaren, Diane Klysz, Humphrey Bower, Eleanor Chaos, John & Margaret Lewington, Thom Smyth, Julianna Noonan, Jim Maureau, Adriane Daff, Shirley Cowcher, Tasha van der Spil, Alison Van Reeken, Annie Murtagh-Monks, Prudence Chaffney, Kate Mulvany, Mark Storen, Natalie Di Risio, Shakara Walley, Alison Nadebaum, Kyle Morrison, Hellie & Steve Turner, Elwyn Edwards, Kira Rikkers, Vivienne Garrett, Nick Maisey, Rowena Bowland, Brett Cullen, James Berlyn, Steven Gerard,  Amy Wiseman, Sophie Joske, Ken Young, Andrea Gibbs, Tanya Payne, Peter Conquest, Marnie Downer, Kelly Jennings, Emma Pearson, Adrian Nurzenski, Lucy Eyre, Jason Hilton, Debra Majteles, Amber Craike, Janee McNulty

“Hard act to follow” – $100 – $250

Sally Martin, Nathan Tetlaw, Kerry O’Sullivan, Ileana Ashforth, Robert Vallis, Jo Morris, Linda Watson, Tim Watts, Barefaced Stories, Libby Klysz, Bev Holmes, Jordan Nix, Renée Newman, Nick Pages-Oliver, Ilene Aveling, Electra Reissi, Chris Donnelly, Adam Mitchell, Thomas Papathanassiou, Paul Grabovac, St John Cowcher, Bernard Mearns, Lisa Barrett, Jim Cathcart, Ingrid Longley, Jenna Mathie, Jan Newman, Judith Hugo, Wendy Wise, Laura Cassie, Zac Gillam, David Keep, Nola Burns, George Crawley, Peter Kift, Mike Frencham, Tim Goodacre, Anna Reece, Daisy Sanders, Vanessa Rauland, Cliff Gillam, Will O’Mahony, Jessica Fowler, James Marzec, Daisy Pearse, Greg Street, Riccardo Aldrovandi, Aden Date, Alice Hatton, Jackie Hooper, the Jesus: No Ordinary Life collection plate

“Enthralling from start to finish” – $250 – $500

Roz Hammond, Leah Mercer, Arielle Gray, Shane Colquhoun, Jamie Breen & Kathryn Osborne, Nick Maclaine

“Nothing short of visionary” – $500 – $1,000

Phil Dundas, Chris Isaacs, Natalie Jenkins, David Glance, Aaron Beach, Antigone Radunovich, Linda Savage, Jeffrey Jay Fowler

“Not for the faint of heart” – $1,000+

Clair Shenton, Izaak Lim, Bryce Moore, Helen O’Sullivan


…Also a big thank you to our anonymous donors. We may not name you here, but we salute you!