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The Third Leg

Sustainability is often spoken of as having three important elements: environmental, social and economic. The dynamic activist Jon Dee recently spoke at a City of Perth sponsored networking event, Energy Cut: The Economic Benefits to Energy Efficiency, and the gist of his talk was that even if you don’t care about environmental issues, it makes massive economic sense to implement sustainability strategies in the workplace.

Jon came to the conclusion, after years of environmental campaigning, that it would be more effective to quantify the dollar benefits of saving energy in order to get more business people on board. He’s been travelling the country promoting his book Energy Cut: The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy in Your Business and as you’ll see if you follow the link, it’s available online for free. It’s a step by step guide for small and medium enterprise (SME) owners to reduce their energy use and costs, and has links to information about methods and new technologies, tips, measurement tools and more. The case studies are compelling! And it was really exciting to hear about how new technologies are becoming available, and other technologies are becoming more affordable. Although it’s targeted at businesses, there’s also a heap of information that’s useful to individuals.

Here at The Blue Room Theatre, we haven’t seen too much in the way of cost savings, because our level of activity has increased. Like many of the SMEs, we are aware of the risk to our budget of rising energy costs – and we’re conscious of the damage that using non-renewable energy sources does to the environment. So we have a big idea: to install a solar array and make the most of the big energy source in the sky. This project is the major focus of our fundraising push in 2015. Stay tuned – more details will be released soon.


Image credit: City of Perth. Features Blue Room Theatre Board member & director of SimplyCarbon Dr Vanessa Rauland, Jon Dee and Blue Room Theatre Finance Officer & Sustainability Guru Karen Connolly.





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