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Top Tips for Surviving Hot Summer Nights

It’s that time of year again – the temperature is rising, the nights are growing balmy, and here at The Blue Room Theatre we’re gearing up for our Summer Nights program which kicks off on 20 January. Before the excitement that is Summer Nights begins, there are some other hot summer nights to get through.

While air conditioning is a tempting solution, did you know that air conditioners rival heaters (depending on your particular model) for being the most energy-hungry appliance in a household? Turning on the air conditioning uses around 30 – 50 times more energy than turning on a fan (and as well as the greenhouse gas emissions, think what a difference that makes to your power bill!).

To help navigate the summer nights before Summer Nights, we asked our staff members for their favourite tips for surviving balmy evenings without relying on air-con:

Kerry: Barbecues. The house stays cooler if don’t have the stove or oven on inside. Also, they’re delicious.

Harriet: Follow the breeze. When I get home from work I open up all the doors and windows to let the sea breeze cool the house.

Matt Penny: Sitting outside under the grapevines in the evening while the house cools down is lovely.

Emma: Look, living in Freo, it’s all about the beach.

Charlotte (Summer Nights intern): Wear less clothing. Also, try putting ice-cubes on spots that radiate heat, like your wrists or behind your ears.

Alexa: I get a spray-mist bottle from the supermarket (usually used for ironing or gardening), fill it with ice and water, and turn the air around me into an ice-cold cloud of mist. Coupled with a fan or a breeze outside it’s magic.

Joe Lui: Cover all the windows with tin foil (not just for meth labs).*

We hope you enjoy the balmy evenings ahead.If you found any of these tips helpful, or have your own to add, feel free to let us know on The Blue Room Theatre balcony later on this month when Summer Nights begins.

*Keeping the curtains closed in the daytime to keep the heat from getting in is the perhaps-more-acceptable-to-strata (though not as 100% effective) version of this.


Image of Chris Donnelly, Meabh Walton and Brett Smith by Rachael Barrett