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We’re Working On Sunshine

We used to think maybe we loved sun, now baby we’re sure.

We received our latest power bill in June and it came in at a measly $898! That may still sound like a lot to you, but this time last year it was $1,365 and this time the year before that it was $1,635. It was nine years ago in 2007 that we last had a power bill so low.

This means we’ve cut electricity costs by 45% in just two short years, all thanks to the sustainability measures we’ve put in place. This latest power bill was the first where the solar panels were running for the entire billing period and we couldn’t be happier with the result. This just goes to show – sustainability is not only good for the planet, it’s good for your pocket too.

We were so surprised in the office that we decided to look up the last time that we had a power bill under $100 and it was in 2007. Here’s a snapshot of what has changed at The Blue Room Theatre since then:

2007 2016
We produced 20 shows a year We will produce 50 shows this year
There were 8,953 ticket buyers for our shows in the year There were 10,988 people attending Summer Nights alone   (22 Jan – 6 Feb)
$117, 371 revenue in box office for the year $131,149 revenue in box office for Summer Nights (not including PICA)

Other sustainability measures we’ve implemented include having the lighting in our hallways changed to lower wattage LEDs, replacing our hot water system to an on-demand electric system, staff education, and implementing an awareness program for anyone who uses our space on ways to reduce electricity usage.

We’re on track to be the first carbon neutral theatre in Western Australia by 2020. Stay tuned for more on how we continue to Green the Blue.


Image of ATP Solar Panels by Australian Technology Park Solar Panels, from Flickr.