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600 Seconds

600 Seconds Summer Nights Fringe World 2020

11 Feb – 15 Feb


    The Blue Room Theatre
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    70 MINS


    $26 +tf
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Unlimited possibilities

West Australian

600 seconds of anything goes. After a short break 600 Seconds returns with all new artists sticking to one simple rule: you have ten minutes to impress.  No holds are barred in five packed programs. Comedy, theatre, improv, storytelling, performance – we have it all.

From emerging artists cutting their teeth to seasoned performers trying something new, you’ll never know what to expect in this mixed bag of short works.

This is FRINGE WORLD… Anything can happen in 600 Seconds.

600 Seconds is the quintessence of fringe.” The West Australian

As part of Summer Nights at FRINGE WORLD 2020.


A Good Egg by Katy McLean
Simply existing in your twenties leaves you in a state of perpetual confusion, embarrassment and anxiety. I’m now proficient in the art of fumbling through.

Avo Toast by Anna Dooley
As the Baby Boomer vs Millennial war ensues; it’s time to admire each other’s strengths. A therapist is called in to mend the tension between the generations.

Capricorns Need Not Apply by Caitlin McFeat
A tongue-in-cheek look at astrology obsession. Welcome to the new world. You’ve got nothing to be afraid of – just make sure you text your mum for your time of birth.

Dr Depression by Evelyn Snook
Eve is not going well and doesn’t know why. Dr Depression appears in the nick of time to help, but only if they’ll let him.

Drift by Asha Kiani
I lose, I find, I let go…I drift between realities.

Good Boy by Daniel Dosek
A combination of object theatre and puppet manipulation, Good Boy tells a story of heartbreak, redemption, and the hope that friendship can bring.

Ice Machine by Lindsay McDonald
A lone ice machine stands in the desert. It’s not working… Three desert dwellers ponder the purpose of a disconnected, out of service, oversized ice machine.

It’s All Relative by Maya-Rose Chauhan
What does it mean to be a good daughter when it’s hard to love the ones who made you? This is a piece about growing up and choosing to love.

Object Subject by Henry Boles
A preformative investigation of the relationship between language and identity. The invisible processes by which words work to shape and mould our own sense of identity.

The Brutes’ Kitchen Battles by Lucy Wong and Lily Murrell
A feminist re-imagination on Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. The two women are challenged with the task of cooking the perfect meal for their guest, Go…rdan.

The Fun in Funeral by SNUFF Theatre
SNUFF Theatre invites you to say goodbye to a friend, and your etiquette, as two brothers host a procession that quickly unfolds into chaos.

The Wiggles 2020 Tour: Hot Potatoes, Hotter Takes by 9.8 Productions
Time has changed. This isn’t the 90s anymore. The Wiggles must adapt to meet the demands of a contemporary audience; eco-conscious-hipster-children and parents alike.

Ugly Virgins by Lindstedt, Davies & Cavallaro
Ugly. Inexperienced in the bedroom. Ready to roll. A muscular and witty examination of sexual disempowerment under the scrutinising LEDs of a roller derby rink.

Yoga by Tim Lorian
Disposable coffee cup. The perfect scones. Lemon slice in the water bottle. Almond meal. Poetry reading. Helplessness. Basic. Basic. Basic. Basic. Heroes. Yoga?

Image: Thiago Matos