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A National Park

A National Park

29 Jan – 02 Feb


    The Blue Room Theatre
  • TIME


    60 MINS


    $21 +tf
  • GROUPS 6+

    $18 +tf
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Secret garden love story

World Premiere

It’s 2030. The once vibrant national park is becoming a barren wasteland. But there is hope of a new life form in the secret cave. Akasha, a local trainee park ranger has struck cultural gold. Enter Casey. He’s a hippy, a wannabe spiritualist … everything Akasha is not. The two forge an unlikely friendship as they learn just how much the national park is in jeopardy.

The latest work from Perth’s Andrea Fernandez, A National Park is a tale of love for the land between an unlikely duo. As they find themselves in the middle of the biggest protest of their life, they wonder: is there a price tag on culture?

As part of FRINGE WORLD 2019

Image Dana Weeks
  • Producer

    Teresa Moore

  • Director

    Amy Smith

  • Writer

    Andrea Fernandez

  • Publicist

    Elinor King

  • Designer

    Jessica Gatt

  • Stage Manager

    Sophia Morgan

  • Sound Designer

    Zac James

  • Performers

    Jessie Ward
    Killian Harty

  • Lighting Designer

    Katrina Johnston