Presented by Lindstedt & Davies

A Region Where Nobody Goes

A Region Where Nobody Goes

18 Jan – 20 Jan


    The Blue Room Theatre
  • TIME

    5PM / 6.30PM

    60 MINS


    $21 +tf
  • GROUPS 6+

    $18 +tf
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Political spin for Armageddon

World Premiere

“Trees? Gone. Wombats? Going. Fuel? Fossil. Prime Minister? F*cked”

Rising tides and rising temperatures, floods and bushfires; in a time of danger and disaster, one woman desperately attempts to make sense of it all…or at least get a good soundbite. The speech writer of the prime-minister, Bree is striving to speak in a world falling apart before her eyes.

A Region Where Nobody Goes explores what happens when the apocalypse goes viral, and all the ways we’ve politicised staying alive. Bree wants to be remembered, and in a decaying population 24 million strong, she’s running out of options.

Pushed out of blissful ignorance and into transformation, this snappy two-hander imagines the future of Australian politics at a time when uncertainty isn’t just the word of the hour, but of the era.

As part of FRINGE WORLD 2019

Image George Ashforth
  • Producer

    Ellen-Hope Thomson

  • Writer / Director

    Sally Davies

  • Performers

    Anna Lindstedt
    Tristan McInnes

  • Lighting Designer

    Rhiannon Peterson

  • Sound Design

    Jess Moyle

  • Stage Manager

    Sophie Paice

  • Mentor

    Alexa Taylor

  • Dramaturg

    Liz Newell