Presented by Lazy Yarns

All the Fraudulent Horse Girls

All the Fraudulent Horse Girls

20 - 28 Jan

  • AGES


    55 mins

Strawberry Kisses and the divine equine

Audrey is 11 years old and telepathically linked to all the other horse girls in the world (by her own reckoning).

She devours all things horses; The Saddle Club, Black Beauty, her Shetland pony asthma inhaler, even Cormac McCarthy’s lauded Americana novel All The Pretty Horses.

When she tries to steal a police horse on a school trip as a way of proving the legitimacy of her equine obsession, she is kicked in the head and thereafter finds herself in the Mexican desert; in a Cormac McCarthyesque fever dream wherein she must fight her way back to life.

Lazy Yarns is proud to return to Summer Nights with Michael Louis Kennedy’s feel-good comedy that will make you laugh, cry, whinny, and cringe.

Image by Stephanie Back

Show contains: Some coarse language, use of fake blood, strobe lighting and use of smoke/haze
  • Director/Co-Producer

    Mitchell Whelan (he/him)

  • Writer/Co-Producer

    Mike Kennedy (he/him)

  • Stage Manager

    Maddie Young (they/them)

  • Sound Designer

    David Stewart (he/him)

  • Lighting Designer

    Rhiannon Petersen (they/them)

  • Performers

    Elise Wilson (she/her)
    Courtney Henri (she/her)
    Lucy Wong (she/her)
    Hannah Davidson (she/her)