Presented by Phoebe Sullivan

Beginning at the End (of Capitalism)

2020 Season – Digital Launch

4 Jun – 13 Jun

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    60 Mins
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Retro Futurist Voyage

Due to COVID-19 this production has been postponed. We hope to bring it to our stages at a later date. Please view our online brochure here.

It’s official, Capitalism is cancelled. Albeit a bit late, nonetheless it’s over.

Now what?

Set against a backdrop of sci-fi classics, diamontes, and the perpetual desire to sit and reconnect with old friends, Beginning at the End (of Capitalism) examines what it is we value most. At a time where time itself is running out, sometimes it feels as if this is the best you can do.

Brought to you by theatre-maker Phoebe Sullivan (Let me finish.), and directed by Joe Lui (Death Throes), this new wave of hope walks into the horizon in spite of its futility, and is unafraid to find more questions than answers.

What does our new value system look like? Can I still buy stuff on Ebay? Most importantly, how do we make it together?

Image: Duncan Wright

Warnings: Adult Concepts, Smoke Machine/Hazer, Strobe Lighting
  • Creator & Performer

    Phoebe Sullivan

  • Director

    Joe Paradise Lui

  • Producer & Publicist

    Alexander Egloff

  • Choreographer

    Tahlia Russell

  • Marketing Coordinator

    James McMillan

  • Stage Manager & Operator

    Jessie Atkins

  • Dramaturgy

    Renee Newman