Presented by The Goblin Itself

Bright & Bold: Memoirs of a Desk Goblin

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7 - 11 Feb

  • AGES


    75 Mins

Bold will Hold

Under the flickering neons of an old, abandoned tattoo studio lurks the industry’s unsung hero: The Desk Goblin.

Wrangling appointments by day, cleaning up after grown-ass men by night, the humble Desk Goblin is the dedicated gatekeeper of the Scab Temple where pleasure meets pain, the sacred meets the profane, and private experiences are transformed into permanent works of art.

This is a show about tattoos, but not as you have ever experienced them before. Told from the perspective of a former tattoo shop receptionist, this witty gritty show is part history lesson, part show and tell, and all feminist sideshow shenanigans!

Hold fast kids, you’re in for a tatt zappin’, thigh slappin’, history cruisin’, juice oozin’, hard hittin’, side splittin’ goodtime- It’s gonna be a Hot Goblin Summer.

Image by Kat Wild Photography

Show contains adult concepts and coarse language
  • Deviser/Producer/Goblin (they/she)

    Dureshawar (Iskra) Khan

  • Director/Sound Designer/Goblin Whisperer

    Susie Conte (she/her)

  • Stage Manager/Goblin Wrangler

    Emma Stirling (she/her)

  • Lighting/Goblin Illuminatrix

    Katrina Johnston (she/her)