Presented by Marshall Stay

Floor Thirteen

Floor Thirteen

25 June – 13 July

  • AGES


    $20 – $30 inc. booking fee
  • TIME

    8:30PM. Tue 25 June – Sat 6 July
    7PM. Tue 9 July – Sat 13 July

    60 Mins

    Tue 25 June

    Wed 26 June

    Wed 3 July
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How real are our memories?

Have you ever been certain about something? So sure that you’d swear on your life it happened the way you remembered it? Except you were wrong?

Floor Thirteen follows the story of Phoebe, a woman who’s had a big night. It’s 3am and she’s trapped in an elevator with nothing but a half-empty bottle of Moet and her anxious thoughts. Profoundly alone, wrecked and panicking, she’s trying to sort the puzzle pieces in her mind. She’s got to get her story straight…

Featuring reality distorting visuals, booming orbital sound design and striking movement from Perth’s rising talents, this narrative driven production investigates memory and our human ability to recount and redesign what really happened.

Strap in for this thrilling ride with one woman and all the spooks her mind can conjure.

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Image: Marshall Stay

Warnings: Coarse Language, Smoke Machine/Hazer, Strobe Lighting
  • Director / Sound & Set Designer

    Marshall Stay

  • Writer

    Elise Wilson

  • Producer

    Kayla MacGillivray

  • Performer / Deviser

    Tamara Creasey

  • Performer / Deviser

    Courtney Henri

  • Performer / Deviser

    Kylie Bywaters

  • Performer / Deviser

    Christopher Moro

  • Performer / Deviser

    Jordan Valentini

  • Movement Dramaturg

    Jessica Russell

  • Stage Manager

    Georgia Smith

  • Lighting Designer

    Scott McArdle

  • Publicist

    Alexander Egloff

  • Set Builder

    Etain Boscato