Presented by Resonant Fields



21 Jan - 4 Feb

  • AGES

    All Ages

    45 mins

Uniting experimental sound, movement & light

Experimental sound, movement, and digital art come together in this visceral multidisciplinary showcase of ethereal, abstract theatre. NOISEROOM presents a fusion of improvisational, Avant-Garde sound-worlds, dance and generative video projections.

From cassette tapes and violins to trumpets and saxophones, the Resonant Fields ensemble joins hands with contemporary dancers and audio reactive animation to pull you into another world in which the sonic plane becomes visible, and noise manifests as tangible beings before you.

Resonant Fields creates vibrant soundworlds through collaborative improvisation. They’ve performed with WA KickstART Festival, Goolugatup Sounds, Hidden Treasures Freo, the UWA Music Student Society, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, FLOCK Festival, and WA Maritime Museum.

Image by Sophia Maria

  • Organisers

    Moses Kington-Walberg
    Claire Orman

  • Musicians

    Naoko Uemoto
    Nicholas Huston
    Benjamin Caulfield
    August Pope
    Clare Waters

  • Dancers

    Xin Hui Ong
    Zakayyah MacLean

  • Sound/Animation Designer

    Jacob Gosper