Presented by Isaac Diamond, Elise Wilson, Noemie Huttner-Koros & Mararo Wangai, Sally Davies

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Readings of a fresh new crop of WA plays-in-development

For Now 
Presented by Isaac Diamond

Strange new world, same old shit.

Red dirt and battered bodies. Mars is unforgiving. For Now is a play that crash lands in the middle of Mars’ desolation. 250 years after its settlement, the Old Colonies have fallen and the remaining humans are left to roam the wastelands. Depleted resources have lead to dehydration and incurable disease…sound familiar?

Thur 25 July, 6pm

Supertongues and Supertasters
Presented by Elise Wilson

Table manners meet tongue torture.

Imagine a world where a human’s value is dictated by the quantity of tastebuds on their tongue, ranking them as a Nontaster, Taster or Supertaster. That is, until local Nontaster, Parsley, decides to risk everything – even her tongue – to revolt against the governing body: Supertaster Incorporated.

Sat 27 July, 6pm

Untitled Wars
Presented by Noemie Huttner-Koros & Mararo Wangai

Inter-generational legacy, cultural baggage and displaced identities.

Untitled Wars is a meeting point of multiple cultural identities. The play weaves together three storylines: an East African soldier fighting in World War II who encounters French Jews in hiding, Kenya on the brink of independence, and present-day Melbourne where the descendants of these characters cross paths.

Thur 1 Aug, 6pm

Presented by Sally Davies

Womanhood in isolation.

In rural Australia, two women face the same problem; their sheep are dying. A murder mystery, an exploration of isolation, and a look at womanhood before Instagram. ‘She’ explores farming as an institution, and whether it can ever be anything other than a colonial, patriarchal establishment.

Sat 3 Aug, 4.30pm


As part of Winter Nights 2019
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