Presented by The Nest Ensemble & Stace Callaghan

Queer as Flux and/or The Medicine of Chaos

Ground Up 03 - Queer as Flux

Thu 25 Jul, Tue 30 Jul, Fri 2 Aug


    $15 inc. booking fee
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    60 Mins
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One woman unpacks his non-binary identities

Queer as Flux and/or The Medicine of Chaos is part of the Winter Nights ‘Ground Up’ program in which works are presented as creative developments, exploring their material and making their work over three intermittent nights during the festival in response to audience responses and feedback.

One woman intimately packs and unpacks his fluid identities and the idea of transitioning in a society obsessed with binaries and fixing what isn’t broken. This audience-interactive, partially-improvised showing blurs the boundaries between male/female, life/death, youth/age, wave/particle, superhero/human and broken/fixed.

As part of the Ground Up program in Winter Nights 2019
Proudly supported by the Minderoo Foundation

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Image Ryan Sandilands
  • Director

    Leah Mercer

  • Writer/Performer

    Stace Callaghan