Presented by The Nest Ensemble & Stace Callaghan

Queer as Flux and/or The Medicine of Chaos

Ground Up 03 - Queer as Flux

25 July, 30 July, 2 August


    $15 inc. booking fee
  • TIME


    60 Mins
  • AGE

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One woman unpacks his non-binary identities.

One woman intimately packs and unpacks his fluid identities and the idea of transitioning in a society obsessed with binaries and fixing what isn’t broken. This audience-interactive, partially-improvised showing blurs the boundaries between male/female, life/death, youth/age, wave/particle, superhero/human and broken/fixed.

As part of the Ground Up program in Winter Nights 2019




Image Ryan Sandilands
  • Director

    Leah Mercer

  • Writer/Performer

    Stace Callaghan