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22 Nov - 10 Dec

  • AGES


    Approx. 70min

    Tuesday 22 Nov

    Thursday 24 Nov

    Wednesday 23 Nov

Red dirt, tea and attempted murder…

1927 – Western Australia, it’s hot as all heck.

Abdullah is one of the last of his kind. A romantic, ethereal dreamer and an avid fan of the knights of the round table. After a heart break and betrayal, he finds himself chained to the leg of Jarntu, a Yamatji man arrested for an innocent crime. The two escape into the blistering desert, uncovering the tree of eternal knowledge, learning the secrets of life (it isn’t 42) and uncovering the future of mankind, not that anybody will believe them…

SAND is the newest work from ‘DESERT WIRLA’ and ‘THIRD CULTURE KIDS’, written by Dureshawar Khan (MoR, Once We Were Kings, Sharbat) and Zac James (Ice Land: A Hip h’Operas, Kangaroo Stew, Bilya Kaatijin). It’s a journey of culture, love, murder, and the Blak history of Australia, brought to the stage with puppets and a kick a** soundtrack. SAND is a celebration of cultural heritage and history with the type of storytelling that could be created by Hans Christian Anderson himself, if he was brown…

Image by Nicolee Fox

  • Writer & Performer

    Zac James

  • Writer

    Dureshawar Khan

  • Producer

    Maddie Young

  • Performer

    Amir Musavi