Presented by Louis Spencer

The Big City

The Big City Summer Nights 2019

18 Jan – 20 Jan


    The Blue Room Theatre
  • TIME

    4.30PM / 6PM / 7.30PM

    50 MINS


    $27 +tf
  • GROUPS 6+

    $23 +tf
  • KIDS (12 and under)

    $20 +tf

    $20 +tf
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Clown in pandemonium

World Premiere

Joe the Clown has left the safe confines of his small hometown to go to The Big City; he’s finally chasing his dream of being a world-famous entertainer! However, Joe runs into some hurdles along the way. Perhaps uniting with his long-lost friend will help him? He just needs to find them first…

Created by Louis Spencer and Kylie Bywaters, The Big City combines clowning, cabaret, comedy and puppetry into a Pixar-esque bundle of wide eyed wonder. A whimsical coming of age story for adventurers both big and small, The Big City examines what it really means to achieve your goals.

Spencer takes the audience on an adorable journey with Joe the Clown and all of his loveable shortcomings as we all learn an important lesson about friendship and disappointment.

Image Marshall Stay
  • Producer

    Alexander Egloff

  • Writer / Performer

    Louis Spencer

  • Performer

    Kylie Bywaters

  • Sound Designer

    Cam Pollock

  • Dramaturg

    James McMillan

  • Lighting Designer / Stage Manager

    Phoebe Pilcher

  • Publicist

    Kayla MacGillivray