Presented by Jane Hille

The Chook House

The Chook House

18 Jan – 24 Feb


    Rehearsal Room 1, STCWA
  • TIME


    60 MINS


    $25 +tf
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Plucky ladies, ruffled feathers

World Premiere

Winner of FRINGE WORLD’s 2018 Theatre Award, Jane Hille (Anyman) returns with her brand new work The Chook House. This hilarious show follows five ‘would be’ friends that live in rural Australia, stuff chickens for a livin’ and dish the goss on anyone and everyone in their little towns.

Glenda and Shirley crack the whip at the poultry packaging plant; the latest is no swearing on the chicken boxing floor. This—along with the compulsory fitness classes—is starting to bubble under the skins of the women at the factory; all that’s left to stay busy is singing ditties and whispering complaints about these awful taskmasters.

The Chook House is a witty insight into the lives of women of different generations living in regional Australia and discovering who their true friends are.

As part of FRINGE WORLD 2019

Image Evelyn Tan
  • Producer

    Jane Hille

  • Assistant Producer

    Glenys Mulvany

  • Performers

    Irma McCullen
    Vee McGuire
    Antonia O'Donnell
    Jay Shaw
    Chantel Bell

  • Stage Manager / Lighting

    Maddy Mullins