Presented by Xarna Rappold

The Red Shoes

The Unexpected - 07 The Red Shoes

24 July


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    50 Mins
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Female fury, fairy tale and blood.

Daring to bare it’s gritty, charming and messy little soul, The Red Shoes is a proudly post-dramatic exploration of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Brought to you by a collective of up and coming female artists, this is addiction, vanity and sin re-claimed. Mercy.

As part of The Unexpected program in Winter Nights 2019




Image Ryan Sandilands
  • Deviser/Performer

    Xarna Rappold

  • Deviser/Performer

    Ramiah Alcantara

  • Deviser/Performer

    Hannah Andersen

  • Mentor

    Michelle Aitken

  • Mentor

    Alexa Taylor

  • Stage Manager

    Georgia Smith