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The Violent Years (1956)

The Violent Years (1956) summer nights web

18 Jan – 26 Jan


    The Blue Room Theatre
  • TIME

    Preview 8.00PM / 9.30PM

    60 MINS


    $21 +tf
  • GROUPS 6+

    $18 +tf

    $15 +tf
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Cult feminist rockabilly musical

West Australian Premiere

The year is 1956. Paula is an affluent teenage girl who leads a double life. By day she is a straight-A student, but by night she is criminal gang-leader with a flagrant disregard for upstanding moral values. Paula and her gang of teenage girls do the unthinkable: they drive fast cars, they dress like boys, they live for the thrill of crime…and they sing! Using an Ed Wood-penned exploitation classic and mashing it up with 2018 sensibilities, The Violent Years (1956) is a queer cult cinema garage rock concert you won’t soon forget.

With song and dance numbers blending 1950s rockabilly with 2018 indie art rock, The Violent Years (1956) is a smorgasbord of exploitation film plot tropes, dark comedy, camp, and rockabilly music to explore gender panic, self-destruction, and the hunger for anarchy.

As part of FRINGE WORLD 2019

Image Brianna Russell
  • Producer

    Leila Enright

  • Director / Writer

    Rachel Kerry

  • Assistant Director

    Harrison Sweeney

  • Performers

    Sally Alrich-Smythe
    Elsa Cherlin
    Lucy Green
    Billie Miles