Presented by Renegade Productions



20 - 28 Jan

  • AGES


    70 mins

wld U still <3 me if i was a snek

In January 2023, Zendra Giraudo, a freshly graduated dancer, steps onto a stage. They are Chinese-Malaysian-Australian, Queer, grew up Buddhist, Capricorn, a theatre artist, and a vaper.

Armed with their body, their mind, and their mic, they proceed to perform a 3-minute rendition of the Myth of Madam White Snake, one of the legendary folktales of China.

Exploding out from this single tale they’ll attempt to capture the vastness of human creativity, accounting for all the historically epic and personally intimate memories that lead to this night, this moment.

And in these half researched histories, half remembered mantras, and tiny facts in time and place, they form intricate connections. These half-prayers, these half-rituals, are stitched together in worship to the White Snake, and in her we find the community we willfully turned away from and could never find again.

Made in collaboration with theatremaker Joe Paradise Lui, poet Andrew Sutherland, and dancer Emma Fishwick.

Image by Hannah Bethany Laurent

Show contains: Coarse language, sexual references, vaping, use of loud noises and smoke/haze
  • Director/Devisor

    Joe Paradise Lui (he/him/y'all)

  • Performer/Devisor

    Zendra Giraudo (she/they)

  • Dramaturgs

    Andrew Sutherland (he/they)
    Emma Fishwick (she/her)

  • Stage Manager/Devisor

    Eliza Smith (she/her)

  • Producer/Publicist

    Amy Howell (she/her)