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3 - 7 February & 10 - 14 February 2015 // 7pm

DURATION 90 mins

600 Seconds is the quintessence of fringe” – The West Australian

It’s back.

The sell-out smash of 2013 and 2014 is reborn with all new performers in four packed programs sticking to one very simple rule… Anything goes for 600 seconds!

Comedy. Theatre. Dance. Performance. Storytelling. Cabaret. Whatever.

Big names trying out new ideas or first-timers looking for their break. You could see a disaster. You could see the next big thing. Whatever…they’ve all got ten minutes to live or die under the lights.

We’ll feature two alternating line-ups each week with a ‘Best-Of’ presented each weekend. Check for full session and line-up details.

This is Fringe… Anything can happen in just 10 minutes.


WA Premiere

Program A: 3 & 5 February

Program B: 4 & 6 February

Best of Program A & B: 7 February

Program C: 10 & 12 February

Program D 11 & 13 February

Best of Programs C & D: 14 February

All performances 7pm // The Blue Room Theatre

Origin: Australia // Company: The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights

For audiences 15+



GROUP A: 3 & 5 February

Cut Connection – Janette McGinty

Ascendant – Zahra Samani

Ne.on – Russell Thorpe

Bill de Bord – Kirsten Jane Thomson

Bad News – Daley King

LOL – Natalie James

Do these walls have ears? – Rudy Hendrikx

Normal – Rhiannon Petersen

Cool Bananas – Jacinta Larcombe


GROUP B: 4 & 6 February

Flaming Youth – Lucy Clements

It’s Only A… – Danielle Morache

Quiet – Emma Marie Davis

It’s strange to remember a touch over a thought – Rikki Bremner

Darling Daughter Lily Carter – Chloe King

A Simple Act – Natalya Alessi


GROUP C: 10 & 12 February

I’d Rather Eat Chips – Warwick Doddrell

Things That Matter – Hellen Russo

A Rock and a Hard Place – Angela Donlan

Somthing that scares me – Allan Girod

In The Beginning – Kaleb McKenna

The Same Old Song – Susie Conte

Your Baggage Exceeds the Maximum Weight – Mariah O’Dea

Hypatia .5 – Kat Shaw


GROUP D: 11 & 13 February

My Mum’s Knitting – Joanna Fugl

Father & The Possum – Benjamin Gill

Charlie – Andrew Kocsis

Barnyard Lovin’ – Roderick Cairns

REDBACK – Moana Lutton

Historiaphile – Phoebe Sullivan

snapSHOT – Lis Hoffman

Coping Mechanisms for the Shy – Unkempt Dance






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