Since 1989. we’ve been at the forefront of contemporary peformance in WA and that’s where we remain. We’re unique in Australia in the way we give independent artists the opportunities and skills to succeed.

We support the advancement of careers and provide an unparalleled resource for emerging artists who want to take new risks.

We exist to be accessible to all and keep our prices reasonable so that a greater range of audiences can enjoy our shows.

Each year the generosity of our donors enables us to continue to support independent artists. We receive donations from artists, audiences, and members, to name a few, and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Every little bit counts.

Play your part in making this happen by donating at the link below, in person, or over the phone on 08 9227 7005.

“There is nowhere quite like The Blue Room Theatre and I sing its praises wherever I go.” Tim Watts

“Without The Blue Room Theatre, there is no Matilda.”  Tim Minchin

“First you get the money, then you get the power.  But before either of those, you get The Blue Room Theatre season. At least that’s how it was for me.” Claire Hooper

“The Blue Room Theatre is hands-down the best experience I’ve had with producing a show, both in and outside festival seasons. The team do a stellar job of programming, developing audiences, and nurturing artists and their work. They are the truest example of what an arts venue should do. Give them all your money.” Peta Spurling-Brown (Producer, Butt Kapinski)

“The Blue Room Theatre is a home to the independent artist and a smorgasbord for the punters. It is the pulsing undercurrent of theatre in Perth.” Chris Isaacs (The Last Great Hunt)

“I always think of The Blue Room Theatre as a place where artists can take exhilarating risks. It’s a space that invites great exploration, but can also be a place for brilliant intimacy and theatrical precision, and whether you’re creating your first show or presenting your fiftieth, having a place like The Blue Room Theatre to do it in is a gift.” Matthew Lutton (Artistic Director CEO, Malthouse Theatre)