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The Blue Room Theatre is constitutionally mandated to facilitate the development of self-initiated work by West Australian theatre artists. We do not individually produce the work presented at our venue, but rather we support artists in the production of their own work, and produce the overall programs that these presentations sit within.

We aim to be as fair and unbiased as possible in the programming of our seasons. To achieve this, we involve and delegate the decision-making process to rotating panel of assessors. Our yearly seasons are programmed by a panel of peer assessors which changes every round.

The Blue Room Theatre is an inclusive venue committed to the sharing of stories and the breaking of boundaries for artists and audiences alike. We strongly encourage applications to all our programs from and engaging artists who identify as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and artists with a disability.

We go live to our members and artists with each upcoming program’s offer and information pack 4-6 weeks from the application due date, and we turn around a decision as quickly as we can so you’re not left hanging.

Check each program for application key dates and further information:

Annual Season

Summer Nights